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Cover Music by: Mega Beardo | Narration by: Kyle Hebert

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Years of messing around in photoshop equate to this.

T-Shirt Designs

Some unique, original and parody designs ranging from nerdy to weird.

Album Covers

Crush 40
"Song of Hope", "One of Those Days"

"Call of the Conqueror"

"Ash & Blood"

CD & EP album cover designs for the bands Crush 40, Thunderforge, and metal guitarist RichaadEB. As well as various promotional items such as posters and button designs.

Visual Graphics
Youtube channel

Branding consultation work in the form of channel banner graphics, video backgrounds, video endcard/endslate design, and logo design.

Magazine Ads
805 & The Acorn

Photography and graphic design for various local clients' magazine adverstisements.

Contact Me

Gotta write some really interesting stuff here I guess. I like pizza. And music.

You can contact me on various social media outlets, as well as view up to date artwork and news at the following sites:
Twitter: @thunderesque
Instagram: @thunderesque
Tumblr: notrachelable
Twitch: thunderesque

  • Residing in Southern California.

Resume available upon request